The Psychedelic Sun and Other Drawings – Jacaeber Kastor

August 3rd, 2019 – Nevada City, CA. On August 23rd, 2019, Jacaeber Kastor’s solo show: The Psychedelic Sun & other drawings, opens at The Chambers Project.

In turns perplexing, disorienting, wondrous and utterly beguiling, Jacaeber Kastor’s drawings make you look, look again and then still more, trying to find your way in their miasmic magic until at last, well, you discover the special pleasure of being truly lost. And when you think you’re done, when you’ve decoded the esoteric and abstract, conjured all the forms and meanings from these oceans of latency, answered the call of otherness as if it were the sphinx’s riddle- turn the work or flip your head, around and around, because there is no single perspective to read Kastor’s psychedelic topography: it is an entwined and constantly unfolding omniverse that has no right side up or upside down. 

If, in the course of your wanderings through Kastor’s meandering poetics of line and space, you come across the unexpected, the oddly familiar or the impossibly alien- for indeed you surely will, quite possible all at once with overwhelming simultaneity- and you ask yourself how did you even come to get here, you might also ask how indeed did this artist arrive at just such a place himself. Make no mistake about it, Jacaeber Kastor is an intrepid voyager of body and mind, an adventurer without destination or designation, a man without return for even when he has somehow been there before he understands it as different, everything nuanced with the subtle shifts of imperceptible change, actuality always just beyond the tiny grasp of appearance, reason or replication. His art, like the convolutions of a restless mind guiding the inspired hand of uncertainty, is the tracings of a mind-traveler, a map to the nowhere that is everywhere, something so personally idiosyncratic that it marks a shared commons where likeness meets in a zone of compatible dissimilarity.

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“Shreds” – Christian Calabrò



July 10, 2019 – Nevada City, CA. On July 20, 2019, The Chambers Project will feature a collection of fifteen mixed media pieces entitled Shreds by internationally renowned designer and fine artist Christian Calabrò. 

Originally from Zurich, Calabrò came to New York City to study graphic design and his talent immediately landed him employment at Atlantic, Verve, and Warner Records – among many others. The fiercely competitive market pushed him to refine every last detail of album cover art for musical giants like Tony Bennett, Rage Against the Machine, and Depeche Mode. His design work even earned him two Grammy nominations, but he also watched up close as the recording industry convulsed and sales plunged. 

Witnessing these changes, Calabrò was gripped by a need to move away from the computer and use his hands again. He scavenged weathered music posters from city walls all over the world in an almost archeological way of remembering. Drawn to a face or a font, he would tug at an aging corner and see what came off. Then he started to experiment with applying these little scraps of history to surfaces.

Calabrò layers his torn treasures sometimes 20 or 30 strips deep before again peeling them away. It’s a process of obscuring and rediscovering that he then articulates further using charcoal or acrylic.

What remains are filaments of time, glimpses of obscure musical aspiration, and distressed commercial imagery embellished by Calabrò’s paintbrush. He said in a recent interview, “You forget what’s there. Once you start digging, you find the unexpected,” which is true of the process, and in a way, the experience of viewing the end result. The works that will appear in the Northern California show range from 12’’x12” to 40’’x40.’’

With this exhibit, The Chambers Project has continued to carve out a niche by finding established artists with a strong international track record and presenting their first US shows. “Christian’s work has a real raw depth to it, ” says Brian Chambers, the owner of the successful new art space in Nevada City, “it’s an honor to host his first dedicated U.S. show.”
Shreds opens on July 20, 2019 with an artist reception from 5-9pm.


Geodaesia Exhibit by Colin Prahl Makes West Coast Debut on June 1 at The Chambers Project, Nevada City

(May 16, 2019, Nevada City, CA) -The hypnotic brain paintings of Colin Prahl will be on full display for Northern California viewers throughout the month of June. Prahl’s 16 works entitled “Geodaesia,” draw on the celestial and psychedelic while applying draftsman-like precision. 

A native upstate New Yorker, Prahl attended RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) earning a B.A. in Illustration in 2012 before moving to New York City where he worked as a studio assistant to several prominent artists. His aesthetic has been shaped largely by his studies of perception, a lengthy exploration of neuroscience guiding his process. 

The “Geodaesia” body of work attempts to capture a sense of deep space, the suggestion of other dimensions, and the intangible vibrations of the mind. Prahl works in acrylic airbrush and the result is shimmering expanses of color and texture that imply movement, auric, geometric canvases that appear to pulse right off the wall. 

This is Prahl’s first solo show on the West Coast after growing interest in his contributions to a group show last year in Arizona. Owner Brian Chambers says, “It’s really exciting for us to bring Colin’s work to California, his paintings attracted so much attention in 2018. I think people are really going to be blown away when they see this show altogether. The effect is indescribable.”

Geodaesia opens on June 1, 2019 at The Chambers Project, 103 Argall Way, Nevada City, CA 95959 with an artist reception from 5pm-9pm. For more information, please visit