Grand Opening Group Show 2018

The Chambers Project is excited to announce that we have decided on making our hometown of Nevada City, CA the location for our gallery for the foreseeable future. On August 11 we opened our new chapter with a grand opening group show and the response was so strong that it inspired us to commit to a longterm lease at 103 Argall Way and make this our home base for the coming years. At this location we strive to showcase the top local, national and international talent in the psychedelic aesthetic that we love so much while maintaining our roots in all things Gonzo and the 60’s poster movement out of San Francisco. Moving forward we aim to engage our community by supporting emerging artists in our surrounding areas and providing a platform for art enthusiasts of all types to gather and celebrate the arts.

The first solo show at our new space will open September 22 with “Qualia” by one of our favorite artists, Justin Lovato. “Qualia” will feature an immersive installation and works across many mediums including a massive pen drawing that Justin has spent the better part of the last year working on. Following this will be the US Debut from young Australian wizard Leans in his solo show “Exordium” which will open October 27. Stay tuned for many exciting announcements coming very soon and thank you for your continued support in the next chapter at The Chambers Project!

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Scope Miami 2016

 Ralph Steadman, Animal Farm - Revolution , 1995, ink on paper, 24 x 34.5 in. Ralph Steadman, Animal Farm – Revolution , 1995, ink on paper, 24 x 34.5 in.

Alexander Chambers Gallery is thrilled to announce their participation at Scope Art Fair in Miami Beach, Florida this fall. Showcasing over thirty-five works from fifteen exceptional artists, booth A02 will offer an exclusive first look at the cutting-edge programming the gallery is developing ahead of its highly anticipated opening in Summer 2017. Owners Brian Chambers and Brady Alexander, and Director Leah Brenner Clack, hand-selected a roster of national and international artists—ranging from emerging to established—who seek to expand the confines of traditional fine art, including: Morten Andersen, Jud Bergeron, NoMe Edonna, Alex GreyRick Griffin, Joe Hengst, Justin Lovato, Mars-1, CT Nelson, Sean Smokovich, Ralph Steadman, Alex Ubatuba, Mark Dean Veca, Oliver Vernon and Sebastian Wahl. The Alexander Chambers booth at Scope Art Fair will be open to the public during fair hours (11am – 8pm) from November 30 through December 4, 2016.

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Coalescence 2015

Luna Rienne Gallery and Furtherrr are pleased to present Coalescence, a two-man show by artists Justin Lovato and Sebastian Wahl.

Coalescence brings together the psychedelic styles of New York-based collage artist Sebastian Wahl and Grass Valley/San Francisco landscape painter Justin Lovato. Curated by collector Brian Chambers (Furtherrr), this exhibition of multi-dimensional urban mandalas and op-art natural settings evolves the contemporary visionary genre established by artists Mario Martinez, Damon Soule, Oliver Vernon, and David Choong Lee.

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Momentum 2014

A groundbreaking new show by three of the west coast’s most renowned contemporary artists, Mars – 1, Damon Soule and Oliver Vernon-aka the Furtherrr Collective-whose works are mainstays of private collections and public spaces across the country.

A marriage of street art and psychedelic abstract, future-focused art, the show is, as gallerist Michael Burnett observes, “An unprecedented accomplishment; the pinnacle of 6 years of collaboration.”

Already on the must-see calendars of guests from across the country, Momentum features works in diverse media, including paint, bronze, pen and ink and collage, many in unconventional shapes designed to change perceptions of the use of space itself and the viewer’s relationship to it.

Most striking about the show is its centerpiece, a sweeping 9 by 22-foot canvas of a scope rarely found outside museums.

“This will be something really new that people haven’t experienced, on a scale they’ve never seen before,” said Parsons-trained artist Oliver Vernon.

“This is the biggest collaborative canvas of their careers,” show curator Brian Chambers added. “Every way you look at it, there’ll be something new to see and wonder at. No two people are going to experience the same thing-it’ll be a very different exploration for everybody.”

Working in both the fine art and street art traditions, the Furtherrr trio announced itself to Denver in late August with a massive streetside mural at the Cultivate store at 666 Buchtel. Not only was the huge, week-long production an introduction to the scale of the artists’ ideas, it was also an introduction to a way of working well-known to street art, but not to the gallery world: collaboration and improvisation.

Partners in collaboration since 2009, Mars-1, Soule and Vernon address their street and fine art projects with no advance sketching; no plan. Damon Soule described the process: “We let go of what we think the work should be. The lines blur between one and the other. Painting over someone else’s work, letting go, is part of the process. When you open up to other artists, you get to new places.”

“The fine art world hasn’t embraced collaborative art as a valid expression,” said Chambers, “maybe because no one has really done it like this before…no one has done it like this. Ever.”

And why Denver? “It’s not a coincidence that we’re doing this show here. This is one of the most progressive cities in the world. This art is right for right now, and Denver is the perfect place for it,” Chambers said. “We checked out a lot of the galleries in town; Space Gallery was hands down the right choice for the show.”

“This show will change the art scene in Denver,” said co-organizer (and Denver resident) Brady Alexander. “These guys are ahead of the curve. The work will open a lot of people’s eyes. Even for people who like contemporary art, this will be very different.”

Space Gallery director Michael Burnett summed it up simply: “This may be one of the most significant shows ever to hit the Santa Fe Arts District-and even the Denver gallery scene as a whole. We can’t wait for people’s reaction.”

Also exhibiting in the project room new works by Justin Lovato from his series entitled ‘Prima Materia’ created over the last six months.

Exhibition presented with Space Gallery, Denver 2014.