Felipe Pantone

Born in Argentina, Felipe Pantone moved to Spain at a young age. His interest in graffiti began early in his childhood, leading him towards other forms of art, such as installation, graphic design and kinetic art. Present on the streets as a member of D.O.C.S. team and the legendary Ultra Boyz crew, he continues to develop his visual experimentations, drawing inspiration from the 1980s aesthetics in forms of acid colors, synthpop music and a dash of psychedelia. Refusing any formal education, Felipe Pantone managed to establish his own language of communication, inspired by the notions of the digital, the internet, ever-evolving technology and its impact on modern-day culture.

Using geometrical patterns, vibrant colors and blocks of black and white, glossy typography and abstract elements, Felipe Pantone takes us on a journey towards the future, inspired by speed and motion. His versatility in techniques and mediums contributes to the making of intriguing compositions that lure the viewers into a third dimension which challenges their perspective. His artworks evoke computer glitches, distorted virtual worlds, optical illusions that boggle our minds and hypnotize us. Juxtaposed with dynamism and the static, defined forms and blurred shapes, the vivid, intriguing, original art of Felipe Pantone continues to stand out in the contemporary world.